Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

More than, Less than, Same as

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our Number Sense Blog. I’m Colleen Mooney and I am one of the math teachers. If you would like to learn more about me, visit my bio page. I will post about my Wednesday in the other kindergarten classroom. On Wednesdays we work with the high ability children. I started off by preparing the shopping activity we would be working on later in the class period. In order to prepare for this activity I had to make a chart on construction paper with three columns: Less than <, Same as =, and More than >. After the chart was made I was given a bin full of play food products and put labels on the food items between 2 cents and 12 cents. After the food items were labeled, it was time to play store with the students. I worked with four different students, two for the first 20 minutes, and then two for the next 20 minutes. My first group consisted of two children with exceptional math abilities. For privacy purposes we will call these two students Tommy and Brittany. For this shopping activity I placed an item on the “Same as” column and asked the two students to find an object that is the same price, less than, and more than the object’s price I picked out. For example, I put an item that was 6 cents under the same as column and the two students had to find 3 labeled food objects that were more and less than 6 cents and one that was exactly 6 cents. Since this was quite easy after a few times for Tommy and Brittany, I decided to make this a little more challenging. I put an object that cost 9 cents under the same as column and asked them to find objects that were less than, same as, and more than the 9 cents food object. However, I told the two students that they had to use two objects under each column in order to have the two objects add up to the same as 9 cents, more than 9 cents, and less than 9 cents. This made Tommy and Brittany problem solve a little more, but they did a great job. This worked on adding on to numbers, Brittany would start counting at four and add five more to equal nine. Both Tommy and Brittany found objects and worked together to finish this task. The students thought this was a wonderful game and did not want to go sit back with the class when the 20 minutes were up because they were having such a fun time. The next two students I worked with, we will call them Alyson and Meghan, were still in the high ability group, but not as high as Tommy and Brittany. I played the same game with them. Alyson knew her double addition facts automatically. With this group I worked primarily on just using one food object to put in the chart. I tried the two food item challenge, which had worked so well with Tommy and Brittany, however, Alyson and Meghan got incredibly confused. I helped them finish the problem by guiding them, but then we went back to the single object game. This group also enjoyed this “store” game. It was a very rewarding day and a new game that we tried. It went very well and I am excited to continue to implement the “store” games more.

On a side note, I was at the grocery store when I saw one of the kindergarten students. She was incredibly excited to see me and ran up to me yelling “Hi math teacher” and then telling her mom, “That’s my math teacher!” Her mom said to this little girl that it was exciting she got to see her math teacher since she talks about us all the time. It just shows us how excited and how much of an impact we are making on the lives of these students. This was a summary of my Wednesday with the kindergarten students. There is never a dull moment with these kids, so I’m sure I will have a lot to say during my next post!

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