Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Year is coming to a close!

Friday has arrived again! And, sadly, there will not be many more to share. But, as the year is coming to a close, our kindergarteners in Ms. Carmack’s room continue to surprise us each day with their progress. It is amazing for us to look back at our data from the very first weeks with our kindergarteners and now to compare where they now stand with their number sense knowledge. This is especially true for those students who couldn’t even count past five the very first few weeks of school, taking numerous weeks to make any progress at all. It is always exciting for us to witness even small increments of progress our kindergarteners have made, because when we see them understand a concept, they always share such gleaming smiles. Today, was one of those days where the students were thrilled to be able to complete something on their own. What I mean to say is, today was station day again, like most Fridays are.

At my specific station, the students were able to work with geoboards to make different shapes. This time though, the students were not just simply making triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. More importantly, students were setting themselves up for a challenge! The students had to try to construct different numbers on their geoboards, a small, medium, and large triangle that connected, three squares that were inside one another, etc. And boy oh boy, when a student finished making one shape, were they ever ready to take on a new shape. The students really enjoyed this activity because it was hands-on. Some of the students even constructed the letter that their name started with, just for fun. The purpose of this activity was for students to show their understanding of shapes, while they were also having some fun working with geoboards. I must say this station day was quite successful, and left me with a feeling that the kindergarteners were so focused today, considering the kindergarteners were still eager for their weekend to begin! I hope that reading this blog today leaves you too with a good start to your weekend as well!

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