Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Station crazy!

Unfortunately, Mrs. Carmack was gone in the morning on Friday, so our kindergarteners were not as attentive as usual. Jessi, Colleen, and I tried to maintain the classroom by helping the substitute with the different math stations. The particular math station I was in charge of was 2-D pattern shapes. The student’s responsibility was to determine the name of the shape as well as the number of sides the shape had.  I noticed that some of the students would get confused with an octagon and a hexagon. So, we reviewed this a few times to reinforce the difference between the two. When I thought the students had a grasp of this, they were able to independently use the shapes to make a flower that was already constructed for them on a worksheet. Once the students had completed this, they were directed to color their worksheets. But, they had to use the same colors they used for the pattern blocks to then color the flower. This station did not seem difficult for students to participate in. However, there was an exception, where one of our students did show this activity to be a bit challenging. This particular student is not at the same level of the rest of his classmates, and often needs more attention. He still has trouble recalling the number of sides that a shape has and needs constant review. But, other than this, the students were able to accomplish this activity easily and have fun.  Most of the students just enjoy having the opportunity to work with the pattern blocks.

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