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Adding by 10’s and Cruising Along

Hello Blog Readers,
I missed being able to tell you about all the wonderful happenings while we’ve been away! As usual on Wednesday I worked with Michelle and Will, as well as Ashley. So to start of the Blog on a FANTASTIC note, Ashley has finally counted to 100! She did it without any cues or prompting. I just asked her to count as high as she could and she took off, and before I knew it we were at 100! Exciting times! Those are the moments you can’t replace, she was so excited to put up her sticker on the I can count to 100 chart. So we are just cruising along, and will soon be working on one more one less.

Will and Michelle were their usual bright selves. We started out working on different ways to make 10, 11, and 12. Will easily remembered all of them, and Michelle quickly was reminded of how to do them. They often interjected with their knowledge of other adding problems. 3+3, 4+4…ect… While playing Randy’s Number Line Math a problem came up that I was worried would be too difficult to solve, so I skipped past it. 10+8? Will said after I had clicked the next problem button. I told him we would learn that soon, and not to worry. He said, “But I know that, it’s 18!” It has 1 ten and 8 ones! So since there are 0 ones in ten, all I have to do is add 8 ones to get a 1 and an 8!” Well clearly something had stuck from our ones and tens lesson.

Next, I asked what 10+10 was, and Michelle said 20! 1 plus 1 is two, so 10 plus 10 must be twenty, since 20 is a 2 with a zero. I proceeded to ask how to add tens to get up to 50, and sure enough they got it right every single time. Using the strategy Michelle suggested. My goal is to have them realize the pattern so they are able to add more easily with big numbers and see where that leads us. I will be using the Digi Blocks to help them understand this as well as the computer games! As usual we find many a surprise in Kindergarten, take care and until next week!

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  1. it’s great how you have them explain it to you, it really shows you what they are thinking!

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