Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Moving on Up

Hello Everyone!
I apologize for not blogging as punctually as I usually do, things were quite interesting yesterday and I just lost track of time. Yesterday, was a complicated schedule for our Kindergartner’s so they were a little antsy to say the least. They had gym at 9 which interfered with our work time, but based on their restlessness they needed to move. Due to the interrupted schedule I was only able to throughly work with Will and Michelle.

Michelle and Will once again proved their intelligence when they quickly named all the ways to get 10 by adding. They often added their own thoughts to the matter as well. For example, Will said that if you added 6 +1+ 4 you would get 11. Michelle said that 7+3 and 3+7 were the same and that 3+4 equaled 7. She tried to figure out if the reason there were 3’s in both, but I quickly stopped her, I was smelling smoke from her brain working so hard! We played a game involving adding two die together and placing pieces on a board. Who ever had 4 pieces in a row first, won. Of course, underestimating them, I played the game the way it was to be played. This was a mistake, as they were whipping out answers left and right. We finished the game in 6 minutes, and I was of course left stupified.

I decided to dive deeper, and probed Will (Michelle had left) why there was only one 12 and one 2 on the board. He quickly figured out that it was because there was only one way to make each of the numbers. So I sent him back to his seat, still amazed at both their abilities once again.

Julie and I were talking and we are so amazed at the progress these guys are making, the students that needed the biggest help are right on track as of now, and the students who were right on track are way above, and those who were way above just blow us away. Everyone is just moving on up. Julie said it well ,there is quite a range in kindergarten, and I must once again thank everyone for this opportunity to fine tune my lesson differentiation skills. Until next week!

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