Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

I’m good at this game!

The kindergartners were very excited to see their Augustana teachers this morning. We were on Spring Break for almost 3 weeks, so they were happy to see us! I think we were all just as happy to see them too! Today was my day to work with the students on the computer.

I worked with Zach first. His partner was absent from school, so I decided to just work with him one on one since they do not have many opportunities for one on one attention. We had two new math games put onto the classroom computer, so we started with those. The first was a ten frame game. He was shown a ten frame with some of the spaces empty. He needed to tell me how many more spaces needed to be filled in order to fill the ten frame completely. Zach was very quick to notice how many more spaces needed to be filled. Most of the time he did not even count the spaces out loud, and he was able to tell me how many more needed to be filled. He seemed like he was becoming bored with this game, probably because it was too easy for him, so we moved on to the next game. This game is a number line game. He was given a few of the numbers 1-20 on a number line and he would have to put the rest of the numbers in the correct spot. At first, Zach needed to count from the beginning each time to determine where the number belonged on the number line. After a few numbers though, he was able to recognize where the number went. Something interesting that I noticed with Zach is that he can count up to 20 easily, however, he cannot recognize the numbers in the teens when he sees them. He says 30 instead of 13 or 50 instead of 15. This is something that we will need to work with in the future.

Next I worked with Brian. He was really excited to be working on the computer. We played the same games as I did with Zach. The ten frame game was more of a challenge for Brian, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. He needed to count the empty spaces with his finger every time. He was beginning to notice some patterns of how many were missing, and he could tell me when there were 5 missing, 1 missing, or 2 missing without having to count the spaces. The number line game was a little challenging for Brian. In the beginning, he was slow to place the numbers on the number line correctly. He started counting all of the numbers to put them in the correct places. After a few times, he was able to recognize where on the number line the numbers should be placed. He told me that he was good at this game. He likes to hear that he is good at the games that he plays as a boost of confidence.

Finally, I worked with Katie. Katie was looking forward to playing the new games. She played the same ones as I have already talked about with Brian and Zach. Katie impressed me with how well she did with both of the games. The ten frame game was very easy for her, but she loved playing it because she was good at it. I tried making it more difficult by having her tell me how many spaces needed to be filled in, and then how many spaces were already filled in. She was quick to notice the patterns and also to recognize that the two numbers that she told me, always added up to 10. She was also very good at the number line game. She was able to place the numbers on the number line based on the given numbers on the line.

It was good to be back in the kindergarten class room again. However, they are going to be on their Spring Break for two weeks after this week. It will be interesting to see if the students remember everything they have learned after being out of school for two weeks. I know there will be some students who remember everything, while there will be others who will struggle to keep up with where they were before break. That just shows the difference in learners that we deal with as teachers. It is important that we teach to the needs of the students at all times. Reviewing the material will also allow us as teachers to make sure we are on the same page as our students.

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