Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Week 7 Experience

This week we spent a lot of time working with our students who are still struggling with our initial number sense concepts. We have a couple of students who are still only able to count to 10. When it comes to 11-20, they get confused and will mix the numbers up or skip them all […]

Small Victories!

This week, I had a very successful couple of days with a student who I have been struggling to connect with. This student has been struggling with several aspects of number sense. I have realized in past weeks of working with her that she functions best in a game-like setting. My goal this week was […]


After our nice, long, relaxing break it was great to be reunited with Mrs. Peterson’s kindergartners; I was almost excited to see them as they were to see me! 🙂 Our overall focus for this week was to do more with Randy’s different apps by incorporating them into our lessons. The 11 apps were split […]

Week 6 of Number Sense

Christmas break was wonderful. I got to spend time with my family and then I went to Jamaica and taught at the Alpha Boys School.Unfortunately, Christmas break is over and it is time to get back to work. My students were all really excited to see me and I was really excited to see them. […]

Recognizing the Number Amount in a Pattern

It was the first week back from Christmas break and I was so excited to see the students and begin working with all of them in math again. On Tuesday Morgan and I asked Mrs. Peterson if she had any specific goals in mind that we can work towards achieving when working with the students. […]

After the Holiday Break

When I returned from the holiday break, I was curious to see whether the students I had been working with the past 5 weeks would retain the information. After working with the kindergarten students this past week, I discovered that the students not only remembered the content and skills previously taught, but also developed further […]

Questioning Has Begun

This week was a very productive week for Courtney and I with students in Mrs. Peterson’s class. Mrs. Peterson had asked us to work with the majority of the lower students to try and catch them up with the rest of the class as best we can. This is counting up to 20, recognizing quantities […]

Returning After Break

Since returning from a two week long break, the students are filled with enthusiasm and energy. It seemed that the break was beneficial to some and may serve as a step backwards for others. Many students who were struggling returned from break refreshed and ready to learn whereas some of the students who were excelling […]

Hullabaloo Shape & Number Game

As we are getting back into the swing of things after our winter break, the students seemed to have all of this energy that was preventing them from sitting at a desk and studying shapes, number configurations, etc. Students, who were excelling in areas before break, seemed to have lost some of the previous material […]

Passing Goals!

This week we focused more on assessments than anything. Each of the students had to be assessed on a certain number of tasks, such as shape recognition, orally counting, pattern recognition, and much more. Since the teachers at Longfellow were required to conduct these assessments, this what we spent the majority of our week doing. […]