Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Quite a Breakthrough!

Second week on Number Sense with Mrs. Peterson’s class and things are coming along greatly! We spent the majority of this week working with our seven different groups (that we split up based on their different skill levels). Even though it is only our second week and really only the first week we have been […]

Motivation is Key For Learning

Week three of Number Sense went very well and I felt as though my partner and I were finally starting to make progress with the students. We are done testing to see what the students know and do not know yet and now we have started targeting specific skills with specific students. For week 3 Mrs. C. wanted us […]

Mastering Number Sense Continues

Hello readers! I apologize for the missing blog last week. Apparently technology did not want to cooperate with me! I will sum up my second week before informing you about my most recent week working with the kindergarten students.

Week 3

This was the first week that we really got to start working with students in Mrs. Peterson’s room. We divided the class into groups based on their initial assessments. We have a total of seven groups right now. There are three pairs of groups that are at essentially the same level and then one group […]

Week #3

This week was great working with Mrs. Carmack’s class. We have officially divided up the class so that both Amy and myself are working with the same students each time. This way, we get to know the students better and we are better able to help them move forward. I work with about 6 kids […]

Helpful Grouping

With four assistants  assessing and practicing skills with a large Kindergarten class, it becomes hard to keep track of where each student is at, in relation to the number sense tasks, as well as what we have already worked on with each student. Therefore, we asked our cooperating teacher to make two groups, one containing […]