Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

“I’m Smart!”

Today was an interesting day in the kindergarten room. I started off my day with a new group. We have had to change a few of the groups since some students are excelling while others are staying the same. We try to keep the students grouped by their ability so that they can move on […]

Spring is here, which means time for assessments!

It was assessment station day in Mrs. Carmack’s classroom, which means mass chaos was in the air. Part of this had to do with it being Friday and the kindergartners wanting to play fun math games. But, we did our best to make this a painless experience, so that we could send our kindergartners on […]

Inconsistency and Wrong Answers…No Problem!

Hello loyal blog readers! It has been a long time since I have last written. Today the kindergarten room was a bit crazy. It is amazing the inconsistency that children have from day to day. Kindergarteners can count to 100 one day and the next will barely make it to the number 20. Today I […]

Adding by 10’s and Cruising Along

Hello Blog Readers, I missed being able to tell you about all the wonderful happenings while we’ve been away! As usual on Wednesday I worked with Michelle and Will, as well as Ashley. So to start of the Blog on a FANTASTIC note, Ashley has finally counted to 100! She did it without any cues […]

Fun New Computer Games!

Wednesday was the first day back with the kindergartners after their long break, and boy were they excited to see us. I know personally I was equally as excited as they were, but I showed my enthusiasm in a less jumping up and down, clapping my hands way. Jumping back into things I was assigned […]