Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Dominoes, Computers, and Adding Oh MY!

Happy Wednesday To All! My blog will once again be different because my usual Wednesday students were absent today so I had to do some spur of the moment planning. Nothing like thinking on your feet to make you feel like your a real teacher! Anyway, like I said, Will and Michelle were absent today, […]

How many Augustana math teachers does it take to construct a cardboard “store?”

Hello Trailblogian Followers! Can you believe January is already over!?!?! I know I can’t. Anyways, to begin the week, or month in this case, the three math teachers, Colleen, Dana, and I, met with Mrs. Carmack for our typical Monday discussion and preparation meeting. This week, however, was even more exciting than last week, or […]

“10, 20, 30!”

Monday morning I walked into the classroom and to my surprise there was a giant igloo set up in the corner. The kindergartners have been reading books about arctic animals, so the igloo was set up for them to go inside and read to the stuffed animals. They were so excited when they came in the […]

Drum Roll Please… Kindergarteners Continue Success

Welcome back “Number Sense” blog followers. This past Friday, January 29th, the kindergarteners were anxious about the upcoming weekend. For it had been a fun, fulfilled week with the excitement of their 100th day. But, before we could send our little kindergarteners on their way, I needed them to thrill me by achieving some new […]