The worldwide Augustana College experience

Everyone’s Time Will Come…

…And mine came this weekend. That’s right, I’m talking about Traveler’s Sickness, Montezuma’s Revenge, food poisoning: You name it, I got it. It happens to most when staying in a foreign country with different bacteria than what you are used to. And the longer you are there, the better your chances get. I was mentally […]

What an Exhausting Weekend!

Phew! This weekend was full of so much physical and mental exercise! It started on Friday night with our first of many dance classes. Our dance teacher just happened to be our history teacher, so we were a little shocked when we first walked into the room. Who knew history buffs knew how to dance […]

Corpus Christi Festival!

the celebration of corpus christi has been going on all week this week in cuenca! i went to this festival the other night with my host brother, and it was so much fun! they have these huge castillos which are tall towers made of a type of wood and they are painted. they have windmills […]

Beginning Life in Cuenca!!

hi from cuenca! we got to cuenca around 430 yesterday and i met my host mom at cedei. she is soo nice! fernando my brother who is 31 was waiting for us outside in their car, and he drove us to their house. he is super nice as well and i can tell we are […]

A Typical Day in Cuenca

I’ve had a special request to blog about my typical day in Cuenca. So here it goes… I wake up at 6:30am and jump in the shower (in my own private bathroom!). Then I head downstairs for breakfast. At breakfast it’s just me and Gladys (my host mom) in the kitchen. We chat a little […]

Who’s Ready For Some Extreme Blogging?

I am finally ready to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to for the last week! This is going to be a long one, I’m warning you now! So the feint of heart may wish to turn back now… Alright, ready? Our first stop in Ecuador was to la Mitad del Mundo […]

A Taste of Ecuador…Second Try

Hello again. Sorry to everyone that tried to read this the first time and could not. I have been having quite a few problems with my blogging account (including not being able to upload pictures), but hopefully there will be no more major problems with it. I am going to try and write this post […]

I’m still here!!

My last couple days in Ecuador are filled with mixed feelings. Initially I feel like I can’t wait to leave, but I know when we finally go I will wish to have a bit more time. I want to leave Ecuador not because of the country itself, because this is a great country, but because […]

Top 10.

Top 10 Things I Miss About Living in the United States 10.  American football: Some of my friends went to a sports bar to try and watch the Bears play the Packers, but the game wasn’t on any of the channels. I’m sort of glad I didn’t see it, though, because it sounded painful for […]

First Days in Cuenca

So first of all, I would like to apologize to everyone for taking so long to write this and not having pictures again.  I just got settled into Cuenca (my home for the next 3 weeks) and do not think that the computers here like my camera.  So there will not be any pictures until […]