The worldwide Augustana College experience

Jamaican Experience 1

    The first few nights we were in Jewel Runaway Bay I was surprised by the lack of Jamaican cultured we were exposed to. There was music all over, but it was mostly American. Although the Jamaican food was more authentic than the music… a touristy feel was everywhere, and it took away from the […]

Ainsworth- Jamaica post 1

Jamaica- The Resort As I was dropped off at the airport, I was so excited to go to Jamaica, but I just wanted to get there quickly since I am not a huge fan of flying! after a 50 minute delay on the runway, we finally made it. I knew I was in paradise as […]

My first post

After arriving safely in Montego Bay our first stop was at Jewel Runaway Bay resort. When we first arrived at the resort we learned the true meaning of “Jamaicantime”. Upon arrival we waited for a few hours to finally get room assignments where the friendly Jamaican staff helped us find our way. At the resort […]

Fricke Jamaica 1

The first few days at Jewel Runaway  Bay were amazing! Getting acclimated to the island was not a hard process at all. All that was necessary was some SPF 55 and making sure there was a kayak available for me to take out in the ocean. Well, there were actually a few things other than […]

Wonderful Memories Made Already! :)

Greetings from Jamaica! I can’t believe I’m finally saying that since I have been looking forward to this trip for what seems like forever. So far this experience has been nothing short of amazing, which is what I expected. When we stepped off the plane into the Montego Bay airport, the first thing I noticed […]

Montego Bay, Jamaica

So here goes my first post since I’ve been here… Jenna and I drove up to Chicago Wednesday night and then we left from O’hare bright and early Thursday morning. Going through all the security wasn’t bad in Chicago and our flight was as scheduled. Once we reached Montego Bay we had to go through […]

Reggaecize, running and the Huts!

What an amazing time Jamaica has been so far! The first day of travel was rough between being caught at the airport an extra 50 minutes, the 4 hour flight with a child kicking my seat and going through immigration and customs for my first time ever! It was pretty crazy but everything ended up […]

Jamaica: The Resorts

First Jamaica blog of the trip and I have so much to say, but i honestly can’t remember all that’s on my mind. I guess it would be best to start for the beginning of the trip once we arrived. Once off of the plane it was just like mike said. There were many Jamaicans […]

My first Jamaican experiences

So far this trip has been amazing!!!! I could not have expected anything more. The first day on our trip we spent waiting anxiously on a plane and could not wait to get to our all inclusive resort. When we finally reached our destination it was incredible. We quickly learned what Jamaican time is. Basically, […]

Runaway Reggae and Dominoes

I write this sitting on a smooth piece of driftwood, shaded by a palm tree. Cool white sand is between my toes, and the warm Caribbean Sea gently rolls in and out a distance of 20 bare feet away. The water is clear and dressed in a hundred shades of blue. We’re on the luxurious […]