The worldwide Augustana College experience

Salvador Homestay

We arrived begrudgingly in Salvador 3 weeks ago. (sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged – I had some difficulties making it to a computer which you’ll learn more about if you keep reading..) Rachel, Ellen and I had fallen pretty deeply in love with Rio and didn’t want to leave. However, we […]

Mekong Delta

I know that I’ve been blogging a lot, but we’re moving so quickly from city to city that I probably leave out 95% of the things we do. On Sunday, our group traveled to the Mekong Delta. The people there are largely called “the boat people” and it’s no wonder why– I saw some of […]

It´s all downhill from here…

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. The group is now split up into two hostels in Barra, a neighborhood not too far from the university we were studying at. I say were because we have had to have classes in our hostel this week due to a police strike that has […]

Find Your Mojo

Last weekend we spent our time in Crescent Head at Mojo Surf Camp and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To begin with, the beach was all ours, and I mean for over 10 or so miles, it was completely deserted and private. Every morning that we walked along the beach […]

Tạm Biệt Sàigòn

[^That means Goodbye Saigon^] We’re leaving Saigon tomorrow (Sunday morning) for the Mekong Delta. It’s going to be a three day trip in which we have a one night home stay and one night in a hotel before driving to the airport and heading to Hue (which is pretty close to the DMZ). [so if […]

Cao Dai Temple

So at home studied the Cao Dai religion. They’re easily the most distinct religion here because it’s a mix of every religion. Instead of one of those “all paths to god” religions, it’s ideal is that all religions are actually the same. While I don’t quite buy the whole idea, their temple in Tay Ninh […]

Greetings from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil!

As much as I loved Rio, I think that I like Salvador even more. Upon arriving in Salvador, we immediately went to a reception where we met the families that we would be staying with for about two weeks.  While I waited for my family to arrive, I was very nervous and excited… it was […]

Saigon Market, Part I.

My two trips to the Saigon marketplace have been among my favorite experiences in Vietnam thus far. In this post, I’d like to document my experience, and my transformation from a polite, bashful American to a competent haggler. But first, the marketplace warrants a description in itself. It’s a short walk to the markets from […]

War Remnants/Cu Chi Tunnels

At the beginning of the week, we went to the war remnants museum as a group. Before we went, some of us voiced our concerns about being a relatively large group of American students in a museum about the war we had with Vietnam. We were assured that we would be treated like every other patron, which […]