The worldwide Augustana College experience

What’s happening so far in Greenland (Week 1)

So I have been here for almost a week and we have been super busy! I may not post anything for days at a time because when there is good weather we work almost all day…I mean what else would we do with 24 hours of daylight? For the last few days I have been […]

How Many Mountains Did You Climb This Weekend?

Hello! I hope everyone that’s following my blog is doing well and had a great Fourth of July!! I’m sitting here between my two midterms faced with two choices… study or blog. Well that’s an obvious decision! I need to update you all on my busy, busy life before I leave for the jungle tomorrow! […]

The Best and Worst of Ecuador …

So I have had quite an interesting weekend … I ended up not going to the party because it was changed to a different day and I’ll be in the jungle when it happens so no party for me. Oh well, I’m not heart-broken, I would have been the only gringa there anyways. Instead, I […]

Cooking, Dancing, Playing, my three favorite things …

Hola! I am currently nomming on a granny smith apple from Chile! Too bad it isn’t the local stuff. 🙁 There has been so much that has happened and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. First on the very long list I’ve compiled, Cooking class. It was during lunch one day […]