The worldwide Augustana College experience

Ago! Hello from West Africa!

So we made it safe!  My first international flight has been a success.  Unfortunately I only slept for about an hour on the entire 11 hour flight, but I survived!  From the moment we stepped off the plane the experience has been fantastic!  I immediately felt a wave of heat and sun, and we headed […]

the lizard that changed my life

hey all! I’ve only been in Africa but it feels like much longer…Ghana is a whole new world.  The moment I got off the plane I was immediately hit with an intense wave of humidity and ray of light.  We preceeded through customs (it was interesting to see the other people entering Ghana, missionaries, lots […]

First week in Dublin

Hello!  Haven’t gotten to blog much recently, since we are allotted twenty minutes free internet access at the hotel and then after that it is five euro (six dollars eighty-three cents) for 24 hour access. Right now we are staying at the Mount Herbert Hotel in Dublin 4 (the city of Dublin is divided into […]

And We’re Off!

3/8/10 Well we are sitting at the O’Hare Delta terminal, awaiting our flight to JFK airport in New York in an hour. It seems surreal that we are just two flights away from Accra, Ghana. We have all been in eager anticipation of this trip for over a year now, counting down the months, the […]

New Zealand and Home

I am finally back in the States, and let me tell you it was one eventful week.  There were six of us that spent our spring break in New Zealand, and it was amazing.  When we walked out of the airport you can see all of the mountains surrounding, almost like it was make-believe.  We […]

The final countdown

Sitting in my comfortable suburban home, it seems hard to believe that by tomorrow night (or tuesday morning) I will be walking off a plane onto Africa soil.  It doesn’t seem real that I’m going to be spending the next nine weeks of my life in Ghana and Senegal.  This will be my first time […]