The worldwide Augustana College experience

Where am I again?

As I was walking down the street the other day I was greeted by several signs advertising everything from restaurants to dentistry, but all of the ads had something in common: There were an unusual amount of European looking faces smiling back at me trying to entice me to buy into whatever they were selling. […]

The top of the world has butterflies.

Wow. I was just on top of the world. Literally. It was so amazing that I am still a little awestruck. It’s so hard to describe something that you have to feel and experience for yourself to understand the magnitude of it, but I am going to try. One of the things I was looking […]

Not much to say

So. Today I went to a German movie theater. Quite interesting. The set up is much of that of an American movie theater. However, the popcorn was kettle, and you could purchase beer… naturally, and everyone has assigned seats printed on the ticket stubs. The previews were interesting to see in German rather than English, […]

One of the best decisions of my life…

… was to travel to the Baltic Sea. You see, the Wittenberg group is on a slight vacation of sorts. We had our last classes on Wed. and then we are free to travel until today, as we go back to classes tomorrow. Originally, I was to travel south for this time and go hiking […]

Peru and Manu

So a lot has happened since my last post, and to be honest I don’t want to write a 10 page blog on this one, so I’m just going to start from the time we entered Peru! We left Ecuador and my family for the past 3 weeks on August 21 and entered into the […]

What I will miss most about Ecuador

I know this is very late, but I promise I’ll talk about Peru soon! For now, a quick update about leaving Ecuador… What I’ll miss most. 1.The language

The Rain Forest.

Although I have been traveling around South America for about 7 weeks now, I still feel like this isn’t my life. It seems so surreal to be telling people back home about all my experiences. This is the kind of thing you only hear about…one of my recent captivating mind-blowing experiences was the time I […]

Goodbye Ecuador, Hello Peru!

Traveling has made blogging difficult this past week, but saying goodbye to Ecuador was a million times harder.  Rachel and I decided for our farewell gift of sorts, we would cook our family dinner during the last week.  We chose to make lasagna, one of my personal favorites, and apple pie accompanied by ice cream.  […]