The worldwide Augustana College experience

Last day in Singapore : (

Today was my last day in Singapore, but it was a good one!  After saying goodbye to Belle, I jumped on a bus and headed to the Singapore Botanical Gardens.  I really needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, so this was a perfect escape!  I walked in and out of […]

One Day, Three Countries

Good morning! You know some days you have those experiences that make you feel like a tiny little person in a big world?  Yesterday was one of those days for me. Belle and I met Jennifer (Genie) at our hotel and we got on a train to Little India, which is a part of the […]

Not much time for a post this morning, I’m starting my day early! Yesterday I got to do a little more shopping and made the first shoe purchase of the trip (woooo!) and got a cute dress as well.  After that, I got lunch at one of the shopping centers.  There were lots of food […]

The Singapore Life: Eat and Shop!

Yesterday’s missions: Accomplished!  After a nap yesterday, I headed out to explore Singapore (Anyone seen “Up”?  The wilderness must be explored!  Caw, caw!  Raargh!)  I got some money changed at my hotel, which was very convenient.  Armed with a handful of Singaporean cash and coins, I headed off to the nearest bus stop to begin […]

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!

Good morning from Singapore!!! It’s 11:30 am in sunny Singapore and I’m doing great!  My sushi mission in the airport failed, but I was successful in exchanging $20 for 1,851 yen.  The money was so pretty, I didn’t want to spend it, but I finally decided on buying a bottled green tea (the entire bottle […]

Hello, Tokyo!

HI!  I’m writing to you from the Tokyo Narita International Airport!  Here’s what I’ve been up to the last 24 hours: After watching the fireworks at Kirkwood with friends and family, I headed home for about 3 hours of sleep before being awoken at 3:10am by my mother saying “Katrina, time to go to Singapore!”  […]

Packing by the numbers

1156- Pictures my camera can hold 438- Songs on my mp3 player (hope the people around me on the plane like to sing as much as I do!) 129- Pages in my Singapore travel guide

The “Four Days Left!” Frenzy!

Hello again! We’re getting close; only four days left until I fly out of Chicago headed for Singapore. I have been so busy at camp, that I have barely had time to think about the trip, and definitely no time to pack or get nervous. There is still so much I need to get done […]