The worldwide Augustana College experience

G’Day Mates!

G’Day Mates! The weather today is sitting right around 90 degrees and sunny. It feels nice, but adds a very strange smell to the use of public transportation. Each day we are getting more and more used to public transportation, yesterday was a learning experience for me. I spent nearly 3 hours lost in Sydney. […]

The start of something beautiful

G’Day Mates! Well, I am successfully in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather is warm, the days are long, and the sun is strong. If you don’t believe me when I say the sun is strong, just ask any of the 25 Augie’s that went to Bondi Beach on Sunday and came back a nice shade of red. Overall, there […]

in the land of oz…

In some ways, if I didn’t vividly remember the 14 hour plane ride to Sydney from L.A., I could be in any number of warm U.S. cities- that is, if I couldn’t hear anyone speak.  At least the language is sometimes familiar, I hardly hear English in downtown Sydney.  And obviously the Australians have a […]

almost there…

Okay, so, it’s 10:30pm and maybe I’m not packed. I mean, there are piles, lots of piles, ready to be put into a couple suitcases.  Only one load of laundry that I need to throw in the washer… not bad considering how much I’ve procrastinated.  I’ll still be in the States for the next 24 […]

The Anticipation

G’Day Mates, It is now almost 24 hours until I will be Australia bound. Over the past few days my feelings have been bouncing from excited, to nervous, to stressed, and then back to excited again. Whatever feeling it may be, I am ready to get there and begin a wonderful journey. Over the Holidays, I […]

In 24 hours…

I leave good ole’ Springfield IL in 24 hours and will not be back until March 7. It finally hit me last night  that I will be spending the next two months in Australia. Ha!  Yes, I am whole-heartedly excited, but completely overwhelmed with the things still need to get done today. What have I […]

Pre Departure Anticipation

Before I embark on my two-month trip to Sydney, Australia thoughts of travel and adventure are racing through my head at a pace faster than I can keep up with.  My entire life I have dreamed of traveling to the mystical country “down under”.  Now that the trip is two days away I can barely […]