The worldwide Augustana College experience

Stop One: Resort and happiness

Coming into Jamaica I was ready to be in paradise to see the beautiful beaches and to be embraced by such a unique culture. As we drove to the resort we had the opportunity to see the beautiful land and see everything around us. It was clear that a large part of the area we […]

Yeah man, no worries!

The first two nights in the all inclusive resort of Jewel Runaway Bay has been amazing! Is all inclusive really all inclusive? You bet your bottom dollar that it is! (Don’t even have to take any out of your pocket 😉 ) These days have been very relaxing and have been a blast. No worries […]

Runaway Bay: All Inclusive

The first two days in Jamaica have been a unique experience. We are currently staying at a all inclusive resort and while all of my experiences have been amazing and no worries, some have also been uncomfortable. We are currently experiencing how the good half lives, or one percent. We have been waited on hand […]

Running Away from Runnaway Bay

The last few days our group has been staying at Jewel Runaway Bay all-inclusive resort. While the beach is lovely, and the endless food and drink is nice, this is not the real Jamaica. Okay, so the people who work here are Jamaican, and they have been wonderful, but it’s terribly upsetting to sit around […]

Daylight Come and Me No Wan Go Home

Day three on the island.   It’s hard to try writing something that sums up my experience so far. We arrived in Montego Bay around 1:30pm on Monday, and then drove across the island to reach Destination 1: Jewel Resorts Runaway Bay, which is exactly what it sounds like ladies and gents, the honeymooners’ paradise, […]

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort THE BEAUTY! Jamaica has blown me away already just in the first two days. The weather, the landscape, the everything is absolutely breath taking. I have laid on the beach, crawled my way through caves, and gone snorkeling in a near by coral reef. I’m actually writing this blog entry on […]

Seems like Paradise

On our first full day in Jamaica, I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the world. I knew we had a day full of plans. I got to breakfast and walked around looking for whatever sounded good. I went up to the egg station where I had the pleasure of meeting Egg Boy, […]

Being a tourist

The resort is interesting. I have found it hard to be a tourist while here. Not because I am not enjoying it, but because I know of so much of the history and current situation of the island that I am too educated to be a tourist. We talked about how the island has many […]

Living in Paradise

Today is day two at Jewel Runaway Bay Resort, and it is the definition of paradise. We began our journey to this amazing destination at the airport in Moline at 6am Monday, and arrived in Jamaica around 1:30pm. I have never traveled outside of the country before aside from when I was younger, so I […]

Living Jamaica

I am here. This is Jamaica. I have tried to snap myself out of this beautiful illusion so many times, but I am beyond grateful that this is reality. Leaving campus at 4 am, getting on the plane, and even flying over the ocean didn’t make it hit me. Living Jamaica did. After the long […]