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Jewel Resort

Our stay at the Jewel Resort in Runaway Bay was very eye opening. What struck me most was the contrast between the resort and the surrounding areas. There were a lot of people walking on the side of the road as we drove out of the airport in Montego Bay. This was odd for me […]

Alexandra Madison February 27, 2017 Jamaica Blog Post Knutsford Hotel- Kingston, Jamaica As we we near the end of the Kingston portion of our trip, I have begun to reflect on all of the different experiences I have had while being here. My first thoughts as we drove through Kingston were ones of fright and […]

Jewel Resort

Our time at the Jewel Resort was amazing! This is my first time traveling to a different country and staying at an all inclusive resort. The atmosphere was so relaxing and carefree. Our first night there, we had dinner on the beach. There was a wide variety of food choices and endless drinks. After dinner, […]

Jewel Resort: People Watching

Much of my time in Runaway Bay was spent people watching (creepy as that may sound). ¬†It’s one of those things I find myself incapable of not doing. ¬†Whatever situation I am in, if I am doing nothing else you can bet I’m looking at the faces of those around me; you can infer a […]

Blog 1: 50% of Your Normal Consumption

The fact that we were told to reduce our alcohol consumption to 50% of what we normally consume, makes it very ironic that two of my best interactions with Jamaicans so far have been with bartenders that I have met at the Jewel Runaway Bay resort.  

Jamaica: The First Stop

For this trip, our group started out by staying in the all-inclusive Jewel Runaway Bay. Free drinks and food for as much as we could handle proved to be fun for a couple days. The beach was clear, the sand felt great underneath my feet, and there were hot tubs and pools for leisure at […]

Jewel Resort Runaway Bay

We truly were living the life of luxury in the resort. All you can eat and drink was awesome. It was very interesting to see the way the island is in the resort and outside the resort grounds. I really liked that the first night we just got to hangout with the group and were […]

Jamaica Journal 1: The Height of Luxury

Upon arriving at the Jewel of Runaway Bay resort, our luggage was quickly taken from our hands and replaced with a blue drink. The workers refused to let us find our rooms on our own and guided us directly to the front doors of our rooms. Anne, Alex (my roomies for the trip) and I […]

Runaway Bay Jewel Resort

Alexandra Madison February 22, 2017 Jamaica Blog Post Jewel Resort — Runaway Bay We are nearing the end of our stay at Jewel Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. This is my very first experience at a resort and I would have to say it fits all of my previously conceived ideas of a resort. I […]

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort: Journal 1

Jewel Resort Coming to the Jewel Resort has been a very bittersweet experience for me. Before taking our Jamaica class, I would not have thought twice about vacationing in one of these resorts. The rooms and campus are beautiful, the staff is friendly and welcoming, and everything is all-inclusive. Although it is only my second […]