The worldwide Augustana College experience

Great Huts, Boston Bay, Jamaica

After our first few, spoiled days in the resort, we moved to the Great Huts in Boston Bay. I was so excited to arrive at the Great Huts! They are all without windows or real doors so you are basically sleeping with nature. I can’t lie, I was really nervous about sleeping with bugs and […]

A Beautiful Island

It is ironic that the views from the resort would be far less breath taking than the views from many of the spots out in the real Jamaica. I was astounded by how beautiful everything is. upon arrival to Boston Bay we are all a little tired and get shown to our huts. After seeing […]

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

Hello from the wonderful and sunny island of Jamaica! Our early morning flight (6:00 AM) on Monday was totally worth coming here! We connected in Atlanta and arrived on the island around 2:00 PM. As we flew over the ocean, all I could think was that I had never seen water so blue before in […]

Day 3

Day 3- the drive of a lifetimeWe left the resort and we          drove                      and                                drove                        […]

Colors of the Wind

Great Huts, Port Antonio All I have to say is, “WOW”. There is honestly no other way to describe my experience here at the Great Huts. When we arrived here a few days ago, it was after dark and I couldn’t see much, then I got in bed and was surrounded by bugs. I thought […]

Total Jamaican Immersion

It’s the end of the first week of the trip, and I’m still in denial.  Denial that it’s halfway over.  Denial that I’m even here. We moved on from the resort and moved into the Great Huts on Wednesday.  Talk about a lifestyle change.  While my hut has two bathrooms, one is completely outdoors and […]

The people of Jamaica

The stay at the great huts has been a great adventure, not just in the places that we went but really experiencing the people of the island. We started out our stay by going to the market. When walking through the back of the market, we found a women there that we started talking to. […]

Getting Closer to the Real Jamaica

The second stay on our Jamaican adventure was in Boston Bay at the Great Huts. This place is an adventure on its own, but the four days we have been here, I have done and experienced so many new things. The first adventure was exchanging money. One U.S. dollar is 100 Jamaican dollars so my […]

Even the Roads Have Rhythm

After leaving Runaway Bay, we moved as a group to Boston Bay, and are currently staying at The Great Huts, a series of open-air treehouses in a jungle-like setting, about three hours from the last stop. My current room has a full view of the ocean, and we’ve lived waking up to the sun and […]

Step Two: Waves

I do not know a lot about myself, as I am sure no one really does, but I do know that I love playing in waves. As a waves comes crashing at me I cannot help to make a large giggle as it crashes over my body as I let the wave crash and take […]