The worldwide Augustana College experience

Kingston: Putting American School Kids to Shame

It was our first day at the Alpha girl school in Kingston.  I was assisting Dr. Egan and my fellow students in administering a math lesson as the girls’ teacher was absent.  The classroom was crowded with around 40 girls in dark blue uniforms sitting behind old looking desks patiently awaiting instruction.  The girls were […]

Jamaica Journal #3: The Great Huts

I’m writing this right now siting in the upstairs lobby because the wifi doesn’t reach anywhere else. As the days go on, I find myself enjoying being disconnected from the life of starring at the phone screen all day long. It gives me time to reflect on everything that happened on this trip (the resort, Kingston, […]

Great Huts

The last major stop of the trip was the Great Huts, a small resort near Port Antonio. The huts we stay in are an adventure on their own! Their all unique, some require you to climb multiple ladders to get to the bed. Others have bathrooms outside where you end up showering with some lizard […]


We just finished 5 days in Kingston, Jamaica. During this time, I was in the Alpha Primary school where I had the opportunity to spend 4 days with 28 sweet, lovely sixth graders. I had a wonderful time getting to know all of these children. It was an interesting experience getting to know these children […]

Journal #2: Kingston and Teaching

For the past couple of days, we have been in Kingston, observing at the Alpha schools. The first couple of days, I was observing a Grade 5 classroom. It was an interesting experience to see a different education system than what I am use to. In the class, there were 10 boys and 24 girls, […]

Journal #2 Kingston JA

Wow! Kingston was such a change of pace but I enjoyed every part of it. The first day we arrived was Wednesday evening and I was exhausted, so I went to sleep a little early. I wish I had gone out to the sports bar, but oh well, regrets are not a good thing to […]

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston was like nothing I would have imagined! The people are just always so nice and the students that I worked with were so awesome. I worked in a 6th grade classroom where the teacher put us to work the second day. The first day Ann and I observed the class and told the class […]

Jamaica Journal #2: Life in Kingston

While arriving at Kingston, I was slightly nervous because it was something totally new and I felt like we stood out like a sore thumb because of our appearance. At the resort, it didn’t truly hit me that we were in Jamaica because we were still around Americans, in a very beautiful, relaxing place, and […]

Alpha School in Kingston, Jamaica

The main event of this study abroad trip is the Alpha School. The school is split into infant, primary, alpha boys, and alpha girls. I had the opportunity to be over at the primary school for 3 days sitting in on a 4th grade classroom. As I spent my time observing how the children interacted […]


My time in Kingston has been nothing short of remarkable. Working at the Alpha Boys school truly brought me joy. Leaving will be very hard. I had the opportunity to work with boys in the 13-18 age range, with whom I got the chance to share my passion for saxophone. I worked with a group […]