The worldwide Augustana College experience

Farewell, Rio

In our finals days in Rio we made sure to have many great adventures. Firstly, Deanna, Rachel and I navigated the metro bus system on our own and made our way to the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens). Everything there was ridiculously over sized. Lilly pads the size of large tables, bases of trees the size […]


Brasilia We arrived in Brasilia late at night after a full day traveling, once again we got onto a mega bus. This one was exceptionally luxurious though – with reclining chairs, wonderful air conditioning and giant windows to see the city through – it was difficult to not be smiling and happy. since we arrived […]

Looking back on it all

Brazil has been one heck of a journey. From muggings, to purse snatchers, police strikes, to skipped cities there have been few dull moments here. Now that I have had a chance to look back on my predictions and thoughts prior to Brazil I have realized that some perceptions have changed while others were reinforced. […]

Reflecting on Brazil Term…

This blog post is a little different.. similar to my first one – we have been given a prompt. Reflecting back on my time so far in Brazil, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge. Even with the travel experiences I have already had with my family, this was unlike any of those – […]

Police Strike in Salvador

During our stay in Salvador we were lucky, or unlucky, to experience a very large protest. The police in the city went on strike, they were protesting for higher salaries. Since they went on protest, the city pretty much shut down. We were unable to have class for the week since the building we were […]

Salvador part 2

After arriving with our new family, our viewpoint on Salvador began to look up. Our mom, fernanda, spoke broken English but was very interested in learning more. Beacause of this we barely spoke in Portuguese, except when we were hanging out with grandma. Our grandma was this awesome lady who loved us so much, she […]

The Favela Santa Marta

The favela was CRAZY! I don’t even know how to explain it. The living conditions of these people seem dire from the outside but something we noticed–and something Professor Mariano reinforced– is that Brazilians don’t seem to care about their external surroundings. There is much liter on the beaches, streets, etc. However, Brazilians think it […]

Rio, You Have My Heart

I could leave Rio tomorrow and feel as if I fulfilled every goal that I had for this trip and that I saw and felt just about everything that Rio has to offer. It’s only been 5 days that I’ve been here and it feels like it’s been months. I think I’ve seen more of […]

Salvador Homestay

We arrived begrudgingly in Salvador 3 weeks ago. (sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged – I had some difficulties making it to a computer which you’ll learn more about if you keep reading..) Rachel, Ellen and I had fallen pretty deeply in love with Rio and didn’t want to leave. However, we […]

It´s all downhill from here…

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. The group is now split up into two hostels in Barra, a neighborhood not too far from the university we were studying at. I say were because we have had to have classes in our hostel this week due to a police strike that has […]