The worldwide Augustana College experience

What a Wonderful World

Greetings from Japan!!!  After a long and tiring 14 hour plane ride, we arrived in Osaka, Japan!  Plane seats were in alphabetical order so it was awesome because the first three last names that started with A got the exit row.  The three of us had so much leg room so our plane ride experience […]

It’s Oosaka…Not oSaka…

So, I know I’m a little late on this whole blogging bandwagon, but I’ll do my best to catch up. I’ll do my best to post a serious of journal entries for each city, but the timing may be delayed due to lack of internet access. Anyways, here are some of my Osaka adventures! This […]

The Last of Osaka

Well we’ve been in Osaka for about four days now and we’re leaving for Kyoto tomorrow morning.  Osaka has been a great way to start the trip.  It has been quite easy to travel on the subway to see what all is around the city.  Yesterday we went to the Osaka Garden Club and attended […]

Do I Smell Bad?

I’ve decided that I’m copying excerpts from my daily journal entries for this blog to give me more time to explore and get things done for class. Keep in mind that we are one day ahead. So if it’s Thursday in the U.S., it is Friday here in Japan. Friday August 20,2010


After a long day of traveling we arrived in Osaka, Japan Friday night.  It was quite an interesting experience coming to a youth hostel.  In the youth hostel we have most of our meals in the cafeteria where we also have class.  We share a room with four or five other students.  Most students have […]

A Much Needed Break from Packing

My adventure in Asia is only 2 days away! My mind is overflowing with thoughts about this trip! With a 44 lb. weight limit for luggage in China, picking 6 to 7 outfits to last me about 3 months is definitely a challenge, especially being a girl. The most important tip I’ve heard from others […]

You say goodbye, and I say hello

This is my first posting about East Asia and I’m so excited!  It’s two days until me and about 80 Augie students depart for Asia.  This is my first time out of the country and I’m extremely excited but also anxious for the unknown.  We start in Japan and then move to Taipei, the capital […]

Goodbye Familiar, Hello New…

Thursday morning a group of nearly 80 students including myself will be leaving for Asia.  We will be starting in Japan and traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.  We will end our trip in Hawaii.  I am looking forward to all the fun times and new and exciting things we will be learning.  I […]