The worldwide Augustana College experience

10 People…1 House Boat…No Captain

Last weekend a group of 10 of us rented a large house boat and went cruising around the closest rivers and canals north of Sydney. With none of us having any formal boat training we were a little anxious to see how we would do with a several hundred thousand dollar boat that was just […]

The Wet-Sundays….

Surf’s Up Dude!

G’Day Mates! Our newest adventure here in the Land Down Under was Mojo Surf Camp. The surf camp was a six hour bus ride to Crescent Head Beach. It was a unique experience because the two day camp allowed us 15 hours of surfing on a beach to ourselves. We arrived to Crescent Head on […]

Going Broke…30 cents at a time

Taking full advantage of our increasingly hotter temperatures we have been fully packing our weekends with trips to Sydney’s local beaches, the petting zoo, aquarium and the Blue Mountains. One of my favorite beaches here in Sydney is Manly Beach.  Our beach days are generally start with me lugging around my enormous surf board through […]

Aussie Animals!

  The 3 Sisters

Life is good


Bronte Beach…Worst Day Ever

Bronte beach is with out a doubt one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen in my life.  It is relatively small in size compared to the massive size of Bondi Beach.  It is surrounded by hills lined with million dollar villas, reminiscent of an Italian hillside.  The perfectly warm sand combined with […]

Houston we have a problem….

  Wednesday was “Party Day” at the Sydney Observatory; day -to -day tours and events in the museum stopped while approximately 120 ambitious youngsters participate in numerous astronomical activities.  Rocket launch, an extensive paper airplane station, and face painting were set up outside, along with a harp player and gelato (ice cream meets sorbet) stand.  […]


G’Day Mates! Yesterday the “hot news” was Obama’s inauguration. When most people realized that I was American they would immediately begin to ask how I felt about Obama and then give their opinions of him and other U.S. political issues as well. It is strange to me because I have a hard time keeping up with […]

Drowned Rats and Sun-dried Tomatoes

I met Rob, a Chicago native, in the Sydney airport Friday morning.  As we stood in line to exchange currency, I learned that Rob had just quit his job at a large banking firm in Chicago to travel Australia for two months.  It turns out that Rob, who is about to turn 40, recently realized […]