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What I will miss most about Ecuador

I know this is very late, but I promise I’ll talk about Peru soon! For now, a quick update about leaving Ecuador… What I’ll miss most. 1.The language

The Rain Forest.

Although I have been traveling around South America for about 7 weeks now, I still feel like this isn’t my life. It seems so surreal to be telling people back home about all my experiences. This is the kind of thing you only hear about…one of my recent captivating mind-blowing experiences was the time I […]

Goodbye Ecuador, Hello Peru!

Traveling has made blogging difficult this past week, but saying goodbye to Ecuador was a million times harder.  Rachel and I decided for our farewell gift of sorts, we would cook our family dinner during the last week.  We chose to make lasagna, one of my personal favorites, and apple pie accompanied by ice cream.  […]

Getting Sick in a Foreign Country.

Last spring Dr. Bertsche said that ALL of us were going to get sick at some point in time while on this trip—foreign travel has not only risks, but some inevitability. I didn’t believe him because I rarely get sick and was convinced that I have a super-human immune system. Whelp, with my foot in […]

The Family Concept.

My Ecuadorian host family taught me a great deal about the meaning of family from the perspective of another culture. My experience not only altered my view of Ecuadorian culture, but it also gave me a new perspective on what family is to people of the United States.

Breaking the Language Barrier

As our time in Cuenca nears its end, I’m finding that I’m getting really stressed out about the end of our “term” My Spanish final promises to be a doozy and I might be a little over my head with my tapestry design for my art class. I could be writing my paper for Spanish […]

A Taste of Ecuador…Second Try

Hello again. Sorry to everyone that tried to read this the first time and could not. I have been having quite a few problems with my blogging account (including not being able to upload pictures), but hopefully there will be no more major problems with it. I am going to try and write this post […]

The Hike

Another week has past, yet my tapestry for art class has only grown about half an inch… When are those due again?  Last weekend I had planned on getting at least half way done on the way to Saraguro, however, sleep, of course, overcame me.  I had my first mountain hiking experience in Saraguro and wow […]

I’m still here!!

My last couple days in Ecuador are filled with mixed feelings. Initially I feel like I can’t wait to leave, but I know when we finally go I will wish to have a bit more time. I want to leave Ecuador not because of the country itself, because this is a great country, but because […]

Top 10.

Top 10 Things I Miss About Living in the United States 10.  American football: Some of my friends went to a sports bar to try and watch the Bears play the Packers, but the game wasn’t on any of the channels. I’m sort of glad I didn’t see it, though, because it sounded painful for […]