The worldwide Augustana College experience

First Blog Post

We just got to New Kingston and I have had time to reflect on my time at the resort. On the way driving to the resort we saw a cat get run over and it was sad. There were also many goats and dogs roaming the sides of the road. The resort was really great. I […]

Anna Dispensa- blog #1

After a long day of travel, we arrived in the Montego Bay airport on Monday evening! The first two days in which we spent at the jewel resort in Runaway Bay Jamaica have been jam packed but so much fun! The first day at the resort, we hit the beach bright and early! The water […]

Jamaica: The First Stop

For this trip, our group started out by staying in the all-inclusive Jewel Runaway Bay. Free drinks and food for as much as we could handle proved to be fun for a couple days. The beach was clear, the sand felt great underneath my feet, and there were hot tubs and pools for leisure at […]

Jamaica Journal #1: Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

We landed in Jamaica 2 days ago and what an interesting place we landed in. Our journey of this country started at Jewel Runaway Bay Resort, an all inclusive resort with several pools and hot tubs, a waterpark, and a beautiful sandy beach right by the ocean. It is a place of luxury with food […]

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort: Journal 1

Jewel Resort Coming to the Jewel Resort has been a very bittersweet experience for me. Before taking our Jamaica class, I would not have thought twice about vacationing in one of these resorts. The rooms and campus are beautiful, the staff is friendly and welcoming, and everything is all-inclusive. Although it is only my second […]


When people go on a trip abroad, they go for one main reason- the experience in a new place. Sure, each and every reason person has their own personal reason for choosing to go abroad, and more specifically where they go and their purpose being there. In my case, the purpose is interning abroad and […]

you have to be fit to catch a falcon

 Even though I’ve only been at the Thule air base for a little over a week, I have already learned so much. I learned how to set small bird traps, how to measure wings, tails and beaks, how to put together blood sampling kits, and even how to drive stick shift and play Danish pin […]

The final days in Japan

For our last day in Japan Stephi, Gage and I decided to visit Korea town. The streets were filled with K-pop stores and many tasty looking restaurants. While I have never had any experience with K-pop, I found the stores to very intriguing and even entertaining. While many of bands emphasized male pop groups there […]

Tierra to Kobe

Today began with a tour of the Tierra works factory. This was the last HCM facility that we were invited to see. This establishment had very distinct and diverse characteristics. There were many workers that ranged from local Japanese workers to foreigners from places like the Netherlands or South America. Our hosts, as always, were […]

A Weekend in the Mountains: An Onsen Adventure

We started our day by leaving our hotel in Ueno, Tokyo for the train station. We dragged our luggage to Ueno Station, stored our belongings, and got on the train for the mountains. As we moved out of the city, the landscape transitioned into an expanse of rice paddies and traditional homes, with the mountains […]