The worldwide Augustana College experience

Top 10.

Top 10 Things I Miss About Living in the United States 10.  American football: Some of my friends went to a sports bar to try and watch the Bears play the Packers, but the game wasn’t on any of the channels. I’m sort of glad I didn’t see it, though, because it sounded painful for […]

The Medicine Man

I cannot believe that it has already been 2 weeks that we have been here in Ecuador.  I thought it felt as though I had been here forever, then someone mentioned to me that today is 2 weeks, and I gasped with shock.  Time is flying here and our rigorous schedule always keeps me busy.  This past […]

A Shower for the Soul.

I have recently discovered that there are some types of body cleansing that may require one to take a shower afterward. Sound like a confusing form of logic? Keep reading and you’ll understand. Recently, some of the Augie students here in Ecuador went on a weekend trip to Saraguro, a smaller town that has an […]

Uhhh…No hablo español.

It’s been, what, 8 days since arriving in Ecuador? It feels like it’s been much longer, but in a good way. We’ve been traveling to so many amazing places and having so many once in a lifetime experiences that it’s hard to believe that this really is my life right now!

La Comida y La Cultura

We arrived to Cuenca last night and today we had our first set of classes.  I am sitting at CEDEI (where we have classes) on a lovely patio with beautiful flowers.  Two little girls are watching me write this from the window, and every time I look at them they giggle.  So far, Ecuador has […]

Whirlwind …

A whirlwind.  That’s how I would describe these past couple days as I have been preparing to depart for Quito, Ecuador, the first stop on my Latin American adventure.  My head has been in some sort of foggy haze as I have been preparing for this trip for oh so many reasons. First of all, […]

¿Mi Nombre Es Qué?

Well, we made it to Houston with plenty of time to spare….  perhaps a little too much time, considering the length of this layover and my excitement to get to Ecuador.  The flight from Chicago was a bit taxing, most likely due to my lack of sleep and the extremely arctic temperature of the cabin.  […]

My First Post!

Location: Bedroom floor Music: I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas Let’s see, Latin America… I think I’m ready… In terms of packing, I’ve narrowed it down to one duffel and a backpack (a major feat). I have my anti-malarial drugs, super-charged bug spray, anti-itch spray, my first aid kit and my weaving loom for art class. […]