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What I will miss most about Ecuador

I know this is very late, but I promise I’ll talk about Peru soon! For now, a quick update about leaving Ecuador… What I’ll miss most. 1.The language

Mi Hermoso Ecuador

We´ve just wrapped up our first week in Cuenca and I´m sorry it´s been so long since my last update! On our way from Riobamba we stopped at Ingapirca, the site of Inca ruins in the Cañar Province or Ecuador. Originally, Ingapirca was inhabited by the Cañaris until the Incas took over and blended their […]

On the way to Cuenca

I´m writing to you all from a computer in a small room, in a converted hacienda, way before wake-up call.  I woke up a little early on my own this morning and decided that it would be a wonderful idea to explore the grounds at sunrise. I´ll have to upload some pictures soon because everything […]