The worldwide Augustana College experience

Are we back in the States?

September 30th Today after class, we went south to the Kowlung side of Hong Kong Bay. The view from this side was spectacular–its the first skyline I’ve seen that can compare to Chicago. It stretches for what seems like forever along the water, with towering skyscrapers that make thirty floor buildings look small. We continued […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been fun and some more of the same that we experienced in Taiwan.  We’ve been to the jade market and ladies market.  The ladies market is basically a street market with so many vendors it is crazy.  The jade market in Hong Kong is smaller than the one in Taipei, however, the […]

Destination: HCMC

Well, after a day and a half of traveling our group has finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! We all arrived at O’Hare nervous and ready to board our 12:20 flight to Hong Kong. After sitting on the plane for two hours, however, we were informed that not only was a tire broken, the […]