The worldwide Augustana College experience

What an Exhausting Weekend!

Phew! This weekend was full of so much physical and mental exercise! It started on Friday night with our first of many dance classes. Our dance teacher just happened to be our history teacher, so we were a little shocked when we first walked into the room. Who knew history buffs knew how to dance […]

A Day Full Of Trying New Things!!

Right now I am blogging from a beautiful hacienda in the Andes mountains sitting in a lodge near a big fire. It is so peaceful and beautiful here. I absolutely love it! We are all staying in cabins and we have huge rooms and they are connected by a big wraparound porch. today has been […]

A Typical Day in Cuenca

I’ve had a special request to blog about my typical day in Cuenca. So here it goes… I wake up at 6:30am and jump in the shower (in my own private bathroom!). Then I head downstairs for breakfast. At breakfast it’s just me and Gladys (my host mom) in the kitchen. We chat a little […]

Quito and Otavalo, Ecuador!!

i apologize for these blogs being a little late, but i finally have time to catch up on my blogging…hope you enjoy hearing about my trip so far! so i absolutely LOVE ECUADOR!!! its crazy how different ecuador is from the US. the past 2 days have been absolutely amazing! i opened my windows in […]

Who’s Ready For Some Extreme Blogging?

I am finally ready to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to for the last week! This is going to be a long one, I’m warning you now! So the feint of heart may wish to turn back now… Alright, ready? Our first stop in Ecuador was to la Mitad del Mundo […]

A day in the life …

Hello again! Today is my second day of classes and I finally got my schedule down. I’m only taking two classes: language and grammar. Yesterday, my friend Anna and I were walking home from school and we got so lost! It took us about and hour to get home when usually it’s only a 20 […]

So much has happened!!!

Hey everyone! I have arrived safely in Ecuador and it has been an absolute blast! I love it here! And though I miss everyone, I’m not homesick … yet. I haven’t met my host family yet but I get to tomorrow evening. On Thursday we went to la Mitad del Mundo! It was so cool! […]

¡Just a Quick Hola!

¡¡Hola amigos!! I just wanted to send a quick message from our hotel in Quito to let you know that all is well so far! We’ve only been in Ecuador for two days and I could already blog for hours! 🙂 The flights worked out well and we all arrived safe and sound. So far, […]


Hi everyone! I just got settled in my hotel here in Quito, Ecuador. The internet here is not that great but that’s not important. What’s really important is that I didn’t die on the plane or get lost or have to deal with missing luggage. I’m very fortunate for that. Tonight we went to a […]

T Minus One Day

Tomorrow I leave for Ecuador… yikes! I’ve been planning for this day for so long and yet today has been filled with frantic running around and countless last minute shopping trips. The things I’ve had the most trouble shopping for have been gifts for my host family. But after collecting some great advice from friends […]