The worldwide Augustana College experience

Wernigerode- The 5k

In addition to the hikes, Michelle and I engaged in an impromptu registration and running of a seemingly large running event in Wernigerode, the town in which we were staying. Michelle and I only ran a 5k, but the experience was great. Right before the start, the Germans warmed up with dance motions demonstrated by women next to the announcer, who had put on some sort of motivational, upbeat music. One couldn’t help but participate and laugh. Finished my first ever distance race in 22:42 on a mountain course and got to see some of what I think was the national park. The first half was entirely uphill and the second half was entirely downhill and really fast. We also got vouchers for potato soup and beer after the race. We opted for the soup. It was a hike of sorts in itself, just faster.  🙂

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