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Good day everyone,

     I believe it is now the end of week five for everyone back at Augie…which means I time here in Wittenberg is about half-over 🙁 I think I finally have gotten into the swing of things. I get up, eat breakfast, ride my bike to school, learn and learn some more, have lunch at our local favorite — the Asian Imbiss — and then back to the books for a while. My classes are okay for the most part.

Oktober looks to be a busy month for us. I have a few trips planned and possibly a few more in the works. I’m definitely looking forward to Vienna for our week-long break, and also looking forward to Warsaw. There are so many places to visit, but so little time. Like always.

Last weekend was a lot of fun. On Thursday, a group of us spontaneously decided to go to Berlin and Potsdam. Potsdam is kind of like a wealthy “burb” of Berlin. The castles/palaces there were indescribably beautiful. Park Sansoucci is also indescribable. We spent about a day there and I’m sure we didn’t see everything. We of course had fun in Berlin, too. We went to a restaurant called “White Trash” (it was an American dining experience). We all were wondering if we should be offended that an American restaurant is called “White Trash”. It was really good food, though…so I can forgive any slander! We also got accustomed to using the U-bahn (Berlin subway system).

We returned from Berlin on Saturday evening and on Sunday, I went with my host family to Erntefest. Erntefest is kind of like a pre-Thanksgiving festival. People can buy fruits and vegetables, gourds, etc. and of course there is traditional German music, food, and bier. We saw a big parade, enjoyed some cake, and wandered around the town for a little bit. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was that it was a very traditional German experience. I bet I could have easily been the only American there. It was way out in the country…to the point were tourists wouldn’t often venture. I had a great time and got to experience some pure German culture. Nothing wrong with that!

This past week has been pretty average other than that. Classes. Classes. More classes. A small group of us have started an every-Tuesday tradition of going to a local Kneipe (bar) and hanging out there; mainly just chatting. It’s a great way to talk about our plans and reflect on what we’ve done so far. I think it’s the little things like this that will make the trip most memorable. I’ve also had the chance to get to know my French roommate a little better. We had a nice talk (in English) last week for a couple of hours. I did notice that now when I speak English, I tend to have a little bit of an accent. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad? I did get to learn a lot about how school in France works and we of course talked about America a little bit — and how a lot of French people think of Texas when they think of America. I assured him that a majority of Americans aren’t riding around with cowboy hats and hay in their teeth 🙂 Once again, I think it’s little things like this that make these trips so memorable…I mean, I probably would never have the same opportunities in America to get to know somebody from a different country. I’m really glad I have this opportunity.

Well, I better get going now. I need to go to the German version of Best Buy to get my handy (cell phone) fixed. Troubleshooting auf Deutsch always proves interesting — but if I leave with it fixed, then mission accomplished! I’m also put some pics on here from Erntefest and Potsdam. Enjoy! PS – tomorrow, I’m off to the Ostsee (which is on the coast of northern Germany). I’ll get to walk on a beach in the Baltic Sea and enjoy some time with nature. Can’t wait!

Bis Spaeter – Louie

My host family -- Udo (center) and Brigitte (right)

My host family -- Udo (center) and Brigitte (right)



Prussian Palace

Prussian Palace

Palace in Park Sansoucci

Palace in Park Sansoucci

6 Responses to “I live by the groove!”

  1. Louie I am so jealous of your travels…Baltic…Potsdam..WARSAW?!… are living my dream.

  2. Hi Louie… Grandma and I just read you mail. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun… Like your pictures. We will keep up with you. Love Grandma and grandad…

  3. PS I can call you for 2 cents a minute. So if you tell me a number to call, I will.

  4. awwwwwww….you’re host family looks so nice and that is so nice they took you to the festival. A walk in the Baltic? Wow. Enjoy your remaining time to the fullest and remember (as I’ve told you a million times)…be safe.
    Love and hugs to you…

  5. So I just finally read this… and I just want to say. Your trip sounds even more amazing then I already thought it was. I’m glad your having a great time and even though I miss you here… I’m so happy for you! It’s obviously an awesome experience. MISS YOU!

  6. Hey Bud,
    Looks like things are still going good. Can’t wait for you to come home tho. Drop the old man a line when you get a break.


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