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G’Day Mates!

G’Day Mates!

The weather today is sitting right around 90 degrees and sunny. It feels nice, but adds a very strange smell to the use of public transportation. Each day we are getting more and more used to public transportation, yesterday was a learning experience for me. I spent nearly 3 hours lost in Sydney. I choose to look at it as an adventure rather than “lost”. Today a couple from Indonesia asked me for directions to Bondi Beach and I was able to help them, it was a strange yet fulfilling event.

On Tuesday each of us went to our internship sites for either a meet and greet or a formal interview. I met my supervisor, Chris. He showed my around Elixr, the health club focuses mostly on Pilate’s and yoga, but also has weights, a pool, cycling classes, and kick boxing classes. He said I am free to use any of the facilities and join any of the classes, I think I will take him up on the offer, it would be something new and challenging to experience while here in such a reputable health club. Elixr is located down in Bondi Junction which is just a 8-10 minute bus ride from the beach.

I love to hear what Aussies think of Americans.  They especially like to discuss Obama and American sports. Overall, the feelings are pretty positive, but at times I feel like the United States are like a sibling, it is okay for me to say certain things, but what someone else does it touches a nerve with me. The experiences I have had with the people here have been pleasant, so many people offer great advice on places to see while here and really wish to make our stay here a great one.

Until next time, cheers!


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  1. It will be fun to see if the gym/workout atmosphere in Sydney is similar to what it is in Rock Island. Temperature may make a difference right now, though. It’s hard to think of exercising when it’s -15 degrees!

    Let us know what it’s like watching the inauguration from Sydney!

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