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A Bit about German Culture

So here is an interesting tidbit: Germans are straight forward.

This bit of information is something I’ve known for quite some time. I’ve studied it since high school. I’ve been here once before. I’ve experienced it. I feel as though I should be used to it. I’m not.

In English, we fiddle around with words to be polite. “If you have time, and it is not too pressing of an issue for you, do you think that it would be possible if I may simply, somehow, maybe, kinda, sort, in some form or another, conceivably, have, or borrow more likely, a glass with which to put some water in, perchance? I feel that I am parched and it would be much greatly very quite so appreciated.”

In German, they are straight forward. “I want water.”

It is not that Germans are rude, it is simply that they see no point in beating around the bush for something that isn’t a pressing issue at all. I like it actually. When you go into a restaurant, for example, the waitress will ask you what you want and leave. Unless you ask that she comes back, she will leave you be, because Germans feel as though they are disrupting you. Again, I like this.

The big HOWEVER, however, is that I am the type of person who takes things personally and reads too much into the actions and vocal fluctuations of people. When someone says something, I feel a little bad. Doch, this is good for me! I need to learn to break this nonsensical worry, because I’ll never please everyone, and that is a fact of life. In the end, I need to be able to say that enough is enough, and worry about myself. As much as it sucks, sometimes you “just gotta stick it to the other person,” as they say.

But still, when someone seemingly asks if we are in room 8 today, and we reply with, “no idea,” and they reply with, “No. I’m telling you!” I still feel a little taken aback. This will change.

But Please!!!!! Don’t think a German rude! Think them as resourceful, and all that time spent trying to be unnecessarily, unneeded, redundantly, uncalled for, nonessentially, and superfluously nice is actually, just wasted time.

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