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The start of something beautiful

G’Day Mates!

Well, I am successfully in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather is warm, the days are long, and the sun is strong. If you don’t believe me when I say the sun is strong, just ask any of the 25 Augie’s that went to Bondi Beach on Sunday and came back a nice shade of red. Overall, there is the ongoing sense of confusion about where we are in Sydney. We have found that going places is not the problem, it is the getting back that we struggle with. I told my parents yesterday on the phone that when I get back I will most likely be 15 pounds thinner because well, first we get lost so much that we end up walking an additional 3 miles and  the food is so expensive that none of us can afford to eat too much (good thing I love PB&J) and another thing that may have sped up our weight loss is the fact that around ten of us were vomiting the first night and day we were here. Beach bodies, here we come! haha.

The places that I have ventured to so far have been “The Rocks” which is down by the Sydney Opera House. It was so neat looking and in case you were wondering the inspiration for the design of the Opera House came from orange segments. Interesting, huh? The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also down by “The Rocks”, the bridge is so large and another site that Sydney is famous for. Then, as I said earlier Bondi Beach, which is among the most famous beaches in the world. Many of the locals have said it is quite touristy, but I can see why. Who doesn’t love to see old men in speedos and topless women? haha. Seriously though, the view was beautiful and it seemed even better after hearing about the lovely weather in Illinois, 12 inches of snow the day everyone is supposed to get back to school, that never happens. I will try and send some sun that way, until then, cheers!

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