The worldwide Augustana College experience

almost there…

Okay, so, it’s 10:30pm and maybe I’m not packed. I mean, there are piles, lots of piles, ready to be put into a couple suitcases.  Only one load of laundry that I need to throw in the washer… not bad considering how much I’ve procrastinated.  I’ll still be in the States for the next 24 hours, but then it’s a 14 hour plane ride from L.A. to Sydney.  Glad my roommate insisted I take a copy of “Twlight”; hopefully it will last me the trip going to.
I’ve been excited for most of break, anxious these last few days.  Can’t wait to just get in and get settled.  I’m nervous about my internship, but not about  much else.  Can’t wait to get my camera out and start seeing the beautiful country.  It’s just hard to grasp that the day has finally come, it’s been such a long process. I guess that means we’re all probably ready- I know I am.  Enjoy the cold, next time I write, I’ll be on the beach.

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