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Prague. Prag. Praha.

Let us see. Did I enjoy Prague this last weekend? Eh… I mean, it was kinda, sorta, absolutely-a… amazing! Here’s a preface: this is goin’ to be one long entry people, but it is worth it.

The trip to Prague was taken by train and all 13 Wittenbergers went together. After a few layovers, we finally arrived in Prague, but to our surprise (considering how many people told us how beautiful it was), we arrived into a pretty shady train station to say the very least. My first thought: Dear Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into? Once the van pulled up to pick us up and take us to our apartment for 13, we finally saw what everyone has been raving about. Apparently, Prague is the second most visited city in Europe right after Paris and trust me, it is well accommodated for English speaking tourists. Crystals and Souvenir shops line every street.

We found our [breathtaking] apartment and climbed the ungodly amount of stairs to the very top where we soon discovered our river side view overlooking a gorgeous golden-by-night city.

The next morning, we rose early to walk off half my body weight around the city. We saw breathtaking monuments, all worn by years past, and building stocked full of historic meaning until we finally came to the Charles bridge: one of my three favorite things from Praha. Apparently, according to old wise tales, the building was being constructed during a plague and since so many children died, they used the bones in the bridge and because children are too young for true sin, it brought protection to it and if you touch the bridge at midnight, you can hear the children.

Next on my list: the Veitsdom. This is a Gothic style church by the likes I have never seen before. If men were trying to impress God by their construction, they succeeded. This church was absolutely astonishing and massive in every way. I couldn’t believe my eyes even after 10 min. of standing inside it. The pictures I post will never do it justice.

Finally, Prague’s “Eiffel Tower” so zu sagen – It is actually called the Lookout Tower on Petrin – but in essence, it looks like a miniature sized Eiffel Tower that stands on top of the largest hillside in the surrounding area. One can be so high up, that the lookout from the top stretches beyond the limits of the city. In order to get to it, one has to climb/ hike all the way. The gardens at the top, and paths leading down are phenomenal.

Something funny about my trip: the conversion of money into Koruna. What kind of imbecile thought up that wonderful system?! That crap was crap. 1USD is about .70ยข in Euros, but 1 Euro is about 25 Koruna. Essentially, if you went to the bank to take out 400 Koruna, you’d be lucky to buy $16 worth of stuff. Taking about 1000 Koruna felt like a guilt trip. The only things worse: going back for more. Paying 599 Koruna for a stein = ridiculous, but reasonable. But, for now, I am back in Wittenberg. Home sweet home. One thing is for sure, being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language is really unnerving and now I know how it must feel for others to step outside their comfort zones. To all of those who take that plunge: bravo – y’all deserve to be applauded for what you’ve done.

Below are some photos, but a disclaimer must come with it: These pictures will never do any justice to what I’ve seen, but at least they can try. Plus, be on the lookout for group photos of all the 13 Wittenbergers!

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  1. Thanks for the Skype tour of your collage. It is so much for us at home to follow you on here. You doing a great job of keeping us updated. I’ll update you on the Bears game. Love you

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