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In 24 hours…

I leave good ole’ Springfield IL in 24 hours and will not be back until March 7. It finally hit me last night  that I will be spending the next two months in Australia. Ha!  Yes, I am whole-heartedly excited, but completely overwhelmed with the things still need to get done today.

What have I been doing over Christmas break? Nothing?! My “No Worries” attitude ended last night when I realized that I had not saved my updated resume to my computer–it is definitely on the H drive at school.  My portfolio (with all my Australian contacts/info) is also at school.  Thankfully my good friend Carol emailed me the resume and “my mate” Robbin is picking up my portfolio.

Clothes, books, crap are scattered on my floor.  It should all fit in my suitcases. I am hoping to jam as many granola bars, coffee bags, and a possible jar of peanut butter in with my luggage as well–we’ll see how it goes. 

I am not concerned about getting around Sydney or starting my internship.  I cannot wait to explore new places, meet new people, and learn new things (like surfing!). I am nervous, however, that I am going to forget something(s) important. Though I make “to do” like nobody’s business, I sometimes overlook important details and  have a tendency to be late–all my anxiety lies in ensuring these two things to do not happen!  

My dad is extremely concerned about communicating (lack of)…I’m off to find him an international calling card.  I have my doubts that it will work/be useful, but at least it will give him peace of mind. 

There is no sign of my brown belt…perhaps Ill be purchasing one of those as well.  I hope polos are appropriate. Hm. I am starting to doubt myself. However, with little luggage space and a limited budget, last minute shopping will be kept to a minimum.

It is s slushy, wintery mess in Springfield– encountered light snow this morning. Sydney sun and summertime are 48 hours away!

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  1. Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one 😉

  2. great post hope to see some additional comments next Tuesday…adios 😉

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