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Pre Departure Anticipation

Before I embark on my two-month trip to Sydney, Australia thoughts of travel and adventure are racing through my head at a pace faster than I can keep up with.  My entire life I have dreamed of traveling to the mystical country “down under”.  Now that the trip is two days away I can barely contain my excitement.  With my obsessive compulsive need to procrastinate my last couple of days in America are going to be filled by frantically trying to make sure that I am adequately prepared to live outside the country for two months.  Luckily since I am an extremely low maintenance person, the only items I am concerned with bringing are clothes, money and a surfboard.  Most people who travel abroad experience mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and fear before departure.  I seem to only have feelings of excitement.  If I have any fears or feelings of nervousness they are completely clouded by an overwhelming desire to fit in as many action packed adventures as I possibly can into my 8 week stay in Australia.

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  1. Hi Simon,
    First of all, Let me say how proud I am of the man you have become!!

    Have a wonderful adventure in Australia, Remember to learn things besides surfing…lol. Take lots of pictures!! label them right away because you know you will forget the details after a while even though you think at the time that you will never forget the events or who you were with.

    Have a wonderful time. When you come back stop by for a Steak n baked potato on the grill.

    Aunt Margene

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