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One Day, Three Countries

Good morning!

You know some days you have those experiences that make you feel like a tiny little person in a big world?  Yesterday was one of those days for me.

Belle and I met Jennifer (Genie) at our hotel and we got on a train to Little India, which is a part of the city that was originally settled by Indian immigrants and now is mostly a touristy-type area.  The minute I got off the train, I could smell the delicious food and spices that characterize this area.  We walked along narrow walkways through shops selling everything things like flowers, jewelry, gorgeous fabric, clothing, fresh coconuts, and cheap electronics.  We stopped at a small restaurant to try some of the local Indian cuisine, including something that tasted surprisingly like French toast (yeah toast!) At the end of the road, we reached the Mustafa shopping center, which is a 24-hour megastore selling EVERYTHING.  Think Wal-Mart, but 5 stories, disorganized shelves, and much less open space.  Although it was quite overwhelming, I managed to find some Tim-Tams (delicious Australian cookies) and make it out in one piece!

Next, we went to Chinatown.  Similar concept to Little India, but with chinese people, food, and tourist shops.  There, we ate  a lunch of Chinese Dim Sum.  Basically, the concept of Dim Sum is you order food that comes in sets of 2-4 bite-size servings.  These are split among the people at your table.  The food was unique and (like everything else on this trip), delicious!  And, I must say, I’m getting very good at using chopsticks!  Stuffed, we managed to get up from the table and back out into the marketplace.  Jennifer had to leave us to go to her boyfriend’s graduation from engineering school, so Belle and I continued to explore Chinatown on our own.

With a few more hours to kill, we went back to Little India in hopes of finding a place where we could get henna.  For those of you who don’t know, henna is kind of like the Indian version of a temporary tattoo.  After asking around, we found a beauty parlor in a little loft suite above the street.  We ventured up, and they were willing to do it for us for only $5!  Basically, the lady used a little tube of brown paste to apply a design to my hand, which I scratched off when it dried, revealing a beautiful design!  Don’t worry, Mom, this is as crazy as I am going to go with the tattooing on this trip!

We headed back to the hotel room to drop off all of our purchases before meeting up with Natalie.  However, in the half-hour before we were going to leave again, I started feeling a little sick to my stomach.  If you know me well, this won’t surprise you as I get frequent stomach aches.  I called Natalie to ask if it would be okay if we met a little later so I could rest a little while, but it didn’t get any better, so she thought it would be best if I just stayed in for the night.  I was a little disappointed but agreed that some rest probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Belle took good care of me, going out to get me some rice to eat, and after a good night’s sleep, I am feeling much better this morning!

I am not sure yet what I am going to do today.  Belle is leaving to go back to Thailand, so I am on my own again for the morning and afternoon.  Since this is my last day, I want to make it a good one!

Hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend!


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  1. Life Realization of the Day: Maybe skinny girl from Iowa shouldn’t eat so much Asian food in one day.

  2. Yeah toast! French toast!

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