The worldwide Augustana College experience

Not much time for a post this morning, I’m starting my day early!

Yesterday I got to do a little more shopping and made the first shoe purchase of the trip (woooo!) and got a cute dress as well.  After that, I got lunch at one of the shopping centers.  There were lots of food places to choose from, so I picked the one with the longest line and a nice man noticed that I was a tourist and helped me pick out something good to eat!

I came back to the hotel to pick up Belle and after a nice nap, we headed out.  I taught her how to use the bus and we got on the train to meet Natalie.  Natalie took us to the Singapore flyer, which is this huge ferris-wheel looking thing that you can go on to get a good look at the city and learn about the history of Singapore.  After that, we went to Clarke Quay which is an area with a lot of restaurants.  We met up with Natalie’s boyfriend and he took us out to eat at a nice restaurant where I had some yummy seafood noodles.  After that, we went to a bar called Helipad which was really fun.  The entrance to the bar is through these elevator-looking doors and then there is a big helicopter landing-pad on the roof with more seating and a great view of the Clarke Quay area.  It was beautiful!

Exhausted, we headed home on the bus and turned in for a good night’s sleep.  Today we are meeting up with the other Singaporean from camp, Jennifer (camp name Genie) and going to Chinatown and then Little India.

Thanks for all the comments, it makes me happy to know you are reading!

Life Realization of the day: I’m really starting to understand what it’s like to have a communication disorder and have to try really hard to make yourself understood and understand other people.  It’s exhausting!

Signing off for now,


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