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My days of “vacation” quickly came to an end, but I was able to have some fun before the seriousness starts. On Saturday, I took advantage of sleeping in for the first time on this trip because I did not have anything specific that I wanted to do. Still, that afternoon I went with my roommates to Paddy’s Market, which is the biggest market in all of Sydney. There are stands that go on forever selling souvenirs and other random stuff. It also is the cheapest place to buy fruit, so I took advantage of that, as well. All in all, it was a relaxing Saturday, but I still had a great Sydney experience that I will repeat again.

Sunday was far from relaxing, but I absolutely loved it. After watching the amazing American football games, I went with six other friends to a football game in Sydney. Of course, I usually call it soccer, but it was still fun nevertheless. For the whole first half, it was pouring rain, and as I write this blog I continue to feel wet from the downpour. The game was a home game for Sydney FC, and they were facing the Melbourne Heart. Sydney was in last place before the game, so we didn’t expect much.

Our tickets were in a section called “The Cove,” which is where all of the soccer hooligans hang out. They were saying chants for the entire game, and I even began to pick them up as the game went along. S-Y-D! N-E-Y! I AM SYDNEY TILL I DIE! WITH A KNICK KNACK PADDY WHACK, GIVE A DOG A BONE! MELBOURNE HEART CAN #$@% OFF HOME!! Many more expletives were said in their chants, and the use of the middle finger was quite prevalent. The hooligans were so crazy that one of them broke off a chair and threw it at a kid. There also was a fight that broke out in the section over from ours. Needless to say, but it was intense down there.
Melbourne scored a goal early on, and Sydney was playing like crap for most of the game. But finally in the last 10 minutes, Sydney scored a goal to tie it up. I cannot begin to describe how wild The Cove got when the goal hit the back of the net. I ended up being completely covered in beer, but I didn’t care because it was such an awesome experience. So now with the game tied, it got even crazier. In the 3rd minute of extra time, Sydney scored another goal to take the lead and eventually win the match. Basically a wild party broke out in the stands after the game. It was one of the best sports experiences that I have had in my life, and I definitely won’t soon forget it.
Now my focus is shifting towards my actual internship. I am working the company of Bowls NSW. I don’t really know what I will be doing, but I am extremely excited. I cannot wait to let you all know what I will be doing!

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