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Oh, I Really Am in Sydney

One thing is for sure about my time in Sydney so far: my feet hate me for how much I have been walking. All of my days so far in Sydney have consisted of walking miles upon miles around the city. On Sunday, my day consisted of nothing more complex than just strolling around. Some friends and I got on a bus so that we could go to downtown with no intentions of doing anything other than just checking stuff out (I did this after watching the Vikings/Packers game, of course). But we met a 60 year old lady from South Africa who suggested that we should take the bus to the first stop across the Harbour Bridge and walk across it back the other way. We thought it would be a fun idea.

Nothing makes you feel like you are in Sydney more than walking over the bridge and seeing the city. Even though we walked through some areas on the north side of the bridge where we might have found used heroin needles, we found the path on the bridge and just strolled along. It gave us the perfect view of both sides of downtown, and we had the postcard view of the Opera House. We probably stopped about every 20 feet just to look out on the city. That alone was a day’s worth of fun.

Once we crossed the bridge and were in downtown, we walked around The Rocks, which is the oldest part of the city. All of the scenery was beautiful, and we found Sydney’s oldest bar, Sydney’s oldest pub, and a huge market in the middle of the area. Definitely a great day for not paying any money.
The next day temperatures got as high as 44 degrees Celsius (around 111 Fahrenheit), but did we stay inside? Not a chance. First part of the day was spent at a wildlife center where kangaroos and emus roamed around freely. We also got to see crocodiles, koalas, dingoes (no dingo ate my baby), wallabies, and a lot of other Aussie wildlife. I even got to feed some of the kangaroos and pet some koalas. Always a fun day when you can pet cute animals that you never get to see in the States.
Already off to a fun day, we went to the scenic Blue Mountains. The valleys and mountains were absolutely gorgeous, and we even got to walk on some trails down in the forest in the valley. The mountains also have the steepest railroad in the world, so of course we had to ride it. At certain points in the ride, it was travelling at an angle of 52 degrees. And the best part was that the side of the train that I was sitting on didn’t have a guard rail, which meant I literally had to hold onto the cage on top of the train to stay inside. It was almost as much of a thrill as a roller coaster.
I am continuing to do as many awesome things as I can before I start working. Every day has been quite a blessing and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything (and I haven’t even been here a week!). I am excited for the fun adventures to come!

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