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Jamaica Blog #1

I can’t believe that I’m here! I’m finally, finally in Jamaica. This trip has been so long anticipated, so long planned for that it began to feel like it was never actually going to happen.

I’m surprised at how, although we are in a third world country, I still feel like I’m in America. The costumes were like America, the airport is like America, and the resort is definitely like America. I could be in Florida right now; you couldn’t tell a difference if I showed pictures of the two next to each other.

And yet….there’s just this tangible feeling that we’re someplace that is totally different. Like today when we were waiting for the vans to arrive. We waited for an HOUR. And the funny thing was, the people that were sitting at the restaurant we were waiting at were there before we arrived, and were still there when we left! We seemed to be the only ones who were in a hurry. Everyone else was just sitting, eating patties and drinking beer, and STARING at us. No one was in a bad mood or being purposely frustrating. They’re just slow! Really slow….Jamaicans walk slowly and eat slowly and look around slowly. They talk and drive very fast though. It’s truly like another language; I cannot understand a word that is being said around me.

This resort is incredible. The water is clear. Literally clear, you can see all the way down to the bottom. It’s a blue that makes your brain hurt if you stare at it too long. The sand is like flour, and the scenery just looks fake. It looks like what a tropical ride at Disney land would look like – except its real! The people who work at the resort are incredible friendly. They all have very clear English and I think they talk slower for our sake (which is very appreciated). The food that is served is all spicy. All we have done so far is lay in the sunshine, eat, drink, and swim in the ocean and pool. But, what else is there to do? That’s what I feel like Jamaica is about. Just relax. Hopefully today will not be your last. Do things slowly, and savor the beautiful things in life! You’ll be here tomorrow to get the important work done. But for now, I’m going to get myself another drink, and then take a little nap.


I love Jamaica.


~Jessie Allen

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