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One Love!


It was finally time to meet the kids at the Alpha Boys School. First we all started out at the Alpha Girls School and they sang for all of us which was truly special because some songs made me melt since some sounded like angels singing. After the assembly with the girls we got our things together and Casey: Miss. K, Taelar: Miss. H, and I: Miss. B were able to meet our first grade of boys. It was frustrating at first since we couldn’t meet with the boys till after lunch since nothing was planned but we made it work.
     We were able to get a couple groups and teach them a little about why it’s important to stretch, the Olympics, and a new game to them called steal the bacon. The boys had a great time with steal the bacon but as soon as it was over wanted to play football. The alpha boys are amazing at it though! I noticed this when I was about to kick the ball and a little boy around the age of 9 came running in  front of me and kicked it really well.  Not only are these boys athletic or have talent, but they are also very polite. They always call you Miss and will gladly help you. These boys have helped me see a different and wonderful side of Jamaica. Even though some of them may have had their little man crushes as they call us pretty or wispire and giggle while staring at us, you can tell that they are really appreciative for us being there and would never make fun of us. Some of them told me that they love foreigners and want to learn more things from us while others have their one love for football.

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