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Never Say Never!

I never thought in my life that I would fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the Sea. That morning we all headed to the beach after breakfast and some of us swam out to the cliff where we jumped off a rock that was made into a diving board. I thought that was going to be the highlight of my vacation, especially since I’m a little bit afraid of heights and was so proud of myself after jumping. That #1 highlight  soon changed though after reach falls.

    As we clumped the rocks and went through the streams of the waterfall we had an amazing Jamaica team bonding experience. As we helped one another our group got so much closer and we were so proud of one another. We clumped through a little hole where water was coming in and was able to be under rocks we swam under rocks and two waterfalls by coming up in between rocks during the swim. It was fun but a little bit scary since we didn’t know where we were going, especially since Tyler tricked us and said that it’s a slide and that Isaac was waiting for us way down at the beginning at the end of the waterfall. HaHa I was so tickled when we were all cheering eachother on because we knew this was a huge accomplishment for some people.

    After this exciting adventure we thought our experience was over at reach falls till we wanted to attempt the waterfall. We were able to stand on the edge and take a big step to jump off the waterfall. It took me awhile to jump off but I would have regret it if I never jumped. I never even imagined jumping off a waterfall but I learned to never say never. Just like I never imagined playing dominos in a bar late at night. I never played dominos before and I was able to play with Rasta, Amanda, Julia, and  Dr. Egan. It was a great night playing dominos even though Rasta and Dr. Egan beat Amanda and I. I was able to see how chill the Jamaicans were at the bar and very excited that I was able to sit down and observe Rasta. I thought the day was never going to end with excitement…what a day!

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