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Kingston Time

So I have loved Kingston so far, and cannot wait to see the real Kingston tomorrow. Now reading that last sentence might not make sense, but understand that we are staying in a hotel in Upper Kingston. It is very clear that this is the rich part of town and is not what the true Kingston is all about. I have never been a huge fan of big cities. For some reason I have enjoyed the big city of Kingston. There is just a personality that is original and exciting. There are big international companies then right down the block there will be people selling goods for others. It is nothing like the big American cities.

Teaching has been another exciting venture for myself. The math crew and I have been stressing heavily over how we want the students to receive the necessary information. All of this stressing over how to get the information across seems to be paying off. I must admit though that I have never been in front of more than 5 or so students, so being in front of 20+ Jamaican inner city girls is intimidating. It has not gone perfectly (when will teaching ever go perfectly on the first try?), but I have been working hard and improving my personal skills as a teacher. Now along with myself improving I believe my students have been improving as well. Yesterday Dr. Egan came into my classroom near the end of my time with these particular students. I had just finished the material that was needed, and he jumped right in and started quizzing them. I was so proud of my students because they answered every question of his correctly. Hopefully they will be just as good with the potential CXC questions they will be doing tomorrow. For those who don’t know what the CXC exam is, it is one of many test Jamaicans take to get into colleges. These exams are extremely important to their futures. I hate that these tests are such and important aspect of their education. It just seems to limit what the students want to learn and what they are exposed to. If its not on the test the students don’t care, or if the material is not on the test the teachers will skip over it. In all reality the Jamaican students are getting jipped of a true education. It’s a sad cycle, and there is currently nothing I can do about it.
The students we have been dealing with are so different than their American counter parts. I am always referred to as Sir. They are very respectful towards all of the adults. The students showed up. Yes, these students showed up on their Christmas break. They didn’t get to stay home and watch tv, they came to school ready to learn. Albeit for the CXC test that is so important to many of them. I doubt that i would have willingly come in for fifteen hours of math work on my Christmas break while I was in high school. These students did. Many come from tough areas, and they seem to just want out of those areas. It is heart warming to see them realize that a good education can be the way they escape poverty and crime.

Random events while in Kingston that need to be taken note of. Buying a few kids some pop while Isaac and I waited for the pizza to be done (yeah we ate Pizza Hut in Jamaica). Seeing Kingston in general. Having a nail removed from one of the vans tires. WE GOT TO SEE THE STADIUM THE OLYMPIC TRIALS ARE RUN AT!!! Yeah I don’t think anyone was as excited for that as I was, but I don’t care it was awesome. I just wish I could go run on the track and see a packed house cheering on all of the athletes. Well that’s about all that I can think of for now, so wish us luck in our final day of teaching, and on our trip home!!!

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