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Jamaica- A True American Girl

I am absolutely loving Jamaica, but there have been a few moments where I miss my true American home. Yesterday while by the pool, the Star Spangled Banner began to play over the speakers and every one of us at the pool stopped and put our hands on our hearts; a true American moment. 

After dinner, Dr. Egan decided that we should take a trip to the supermarket. I cannot even describe how excited I was because I have been struggling with hunger this entire trip. I love the freshness of the Jamaican food, but I eat a lot, and I do not think I have been full once. I also have a ton of food allergies, so when everyone else is filling up on bread and carbs, I am watching and wishing I could join in. For example, yesterday during lunch, everyone was able to eat a Jamaican patty for lunch (spiced meat stuffed inside a flaky crust made of flour, sort of like an empanada). However, I was not able to eat this. Thankfully, Dr. Egan walked down the street with me to buy something called a Supligen. He said his wife used to drink these while she was pregnant and it would get me through the day. It most certainly did, but by 3 in the afternoon my stomach was growling. 

Entering the parking lot of the supermarket, I was filled with joy. I went crazy in there, filling my basket with food I knew I was able to eat. I know I sound totally superficial right now, but I was just so happy to have food at hand again! Oh the  luxuries that America provides us with that I am bringing into a foreign country.

As i said, I am loving Jamaica and my experiences here. However, I suppose my need for food and my patriotism shows that I am a true American girl and am proud of where i come from. But i do have to say, now that I am able to eat more, I am less cranky! 

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