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Welcome to the Jungle! The Great Huts

    It was sad to leave the Jewel Bay Resort but I was ready to explore another side of Jamaica. The hills are amazing but with two vans chugging up the winding roads can be a little nerve racking, especially when the roads have big potholes in them. It’s a shame that these potholes can’t be fixed because a road by Dr. Egan’s brother in law’s house was closed because of this. Another road was not closed but backed up by cars and we were one of those cars. During the backup we were startled by  Junkanoo. It was jamaicans dancing in masks it front of or very close to the cars and vans so the vehicles had to stop or at least slow down. The masks were frightening to our group but by seeing other peoples expressions many other people who were stopped enjoyed it.  Dr. Egan said they were making some type of religious statement.

    Having a beautiful scenery and stops like the sullivan house made the trip to The Great  Huts a lot faster. It was so neat to stay in a treehouse which was called the Almond Tree and it even had outlets. Our first night there was so much fun because a dance group performed for us at dinner and then they had us get up and dance with them as they taught us  how to dance to folk, reggae, ska, and dancehall type music. Katie showed us how to dance to Jump and was busting her moves so well that she was just as good as the Jamaican lady! After dinner we hit the hut’s pool and took in the breathtaking scenery as we looked into the horizon and watched the Caribbean Sea sparkle as the moonlite hit the water. This picture will be in our memories forever!

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