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Today was our second day at the Alpha boys school where our group planned a day of Olympics for the boys. All of our events were track and field based since Jamaica has been so successful in those events in previous Olympics, and especially the recent London 2012 Olympics. Our morning groups were little hell raisers. They were so much so that it took Dr. Egan getting in their faces to get them to listen to us for even two minutes.  One boy even took a lanyard he had and whipped another boy in the head so hard that he bled. By the time we reached lunchtime we were all ready to quit. I was beyond frustrated and had no idea how I was going to be able to make it through the rest of the day.

During lunch I was so hot and sweaty (because not only did we workout before the boys came to us but we also participated in many of the events) that I didn’t even want anything to eat, the only think that could cure my sun exposure was a big, fat bottle of water and of course the one I grabbed was a solid ice chunk. But it did cool me off very nicely, both in temperature and with my frustration. The three of us girls (Tara, Taelar, and myself) sat outside on the bleachers waiting for our next group of boys but were incredibly relieved that we had the session off and we would take the last group while the elementary group had the last session off. But we still had lots of boys wanting to play games and run around with us so all three of us learned better frisbee, soccer, and basketball skills. We had so much more fun (and so did the boys) when we let them teach us their skills instead of the other way around.

The younger boys really tired us out but we did make it to our last group of the day, the older boys. They were so much more attentive than our morning groups, and more competitive. Two of the boys were brothers and so I’m sure their competitive spirit helped fuel the other boys’ as well. By the end of their session us three felt so much better about our day than we had earlier in the afternoon. We were actually very sad to leave, so I guess it is safe to say it was a bad day gone good.
I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day with the boys and we will only have them for the morning because the Alpha girls will be putting on a concert for us in the afternoon! I’m so excited to watch them perform and to minimize my sun exposure since I am now looking more like a tomato than a human being.

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